Deliveroo launches curry, pizza, and sushi flavoured cereals

We know what you’re thinking: cereal is a concretely sweet meal, right?

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or a midnight snack, cereal is an elite food for quenching those sugar cravings. 

But, if you step out of the confines of your mind (and our restrictive ideas around what actually constitutes breakfast) you’ll see there is so much more to life.

Two words: savoury cereal.

Is your interest piqued? 

Well, ahead of World Breakfast Day this Sunday, March 13, Deliveroo is selling limited edition ‘DeliverOOs’ – cereal that tastes just like your favourite takeaway.

The flavours include: Sushi Roll, seasoned with savoury seaweed powder and tangy pickled ginger; Margherita Pizza, flavoured with tangy cheese, tomato and a hint of sweet dried black olives; and Chicken Katsu Curry, which features mild chilli powder, turmeric and coconut milk. 

Side note: none of the cereals include food bits (thankfully) but only the Margarita Pizza option is suitable for veggies.

The only word that could possibly describe these concoctions is ‘interesting’. 

But, if you’re in the market for a savoury cereal, why not try it for yourself?

Each box costs just £1 each and can be bought through the Deliveroo app, or online in London, Bristol and Manchester.

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said: ‘When we heard it was World Breakfast Day, we wanted to “bowl” over cereal lovers with a breakfast dish to remember. 

‘We know our customers love to try weird and wonderful fusion dishes – which is why we’ve really milked it with this range of cereals. 

‘If you live in Manchester, Bristol or London, search ’DeliverOO’s’ in the app and for a bargain £1 a pack.

‘You can take a break from cereal monogamy and try something deliciously different for breakfast this week.’

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