Game-changing trick shows we’ve been cooking broccoli wrong all along

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A video has gone viral after showing the best way to prepare broccoli so that it “slices like butter”.

After spending perhaps decades on this earth preparing your own meals, you might feel fairly confident that you know all there is to know about cooking the humble broccoli, but social media star The Gooch is here to say that we have all been “steaming broccoli wrong” our whole lives. Who knew?

After placing a head of the vegetable upside down into a pot of boiling water with foil wrapped around the stalk, the video then goes on to explain that people should then leave it for about twelve minutes, depending on the size of the broccoli.

Then, lifting it out onto a paper towel, the soft broccoli cuts easily, with the florets easily slicing off “like butter” for a “healthy dinner”. 

Eager to try the method for themselves, TikTokers rushed to share their own experiences. Health and fitness TikToker @carbiecara posted her attempt at the broccoli hack. She said: “This hack is life! 10 out of 10. Would do again.”

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Despite the original video earning 43.3k likes and 8.3k comments on Facebook, not everyone was completely sold on the video’s method. As one user wrote underneath The Gooch’s post: “that is so overcooked, it’s mush!”

A second commented, “that’s not steaming, it’s boiling. You overcooked that broccoli, it’s apparent by the colour and the nearly mushy consistency. Consider looking into how to properly boil your vegetables. They only need to be blanched for a minute.”

“You lose a lot of nutrients in that water,” added another, “unless you are going to use it for soup or gravy.” 

“That broccoli has been boiled to death and lots of the nutrients are now in the water. I think I’ll keep doing it my way!” wrote someone else. 

However, some users argued that it was still a useful method. As one person pointed out, “some people eat overcooked and mushy vegetables because they have to, due to gastrointestinal diseases.” 

“I only boiled for like 8 mins and cooked it in chicken broth. This was still a very easy process though,” argued another. “Thank you.” 

Do you agree with the video’s technique for preparing broccoli? How do you cook yours? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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