Hannah Godwin Claps Back at Haters Who Called Out Her 'Insane Way' of Pronouncing Gnocchi

Gnosh. Ga-nosh. No key. These are all the ways Bachelor in Paradise‘s Hannah Godwin tried to pronounce gnocchi.

The reality star made the hilarious slip up on her Instagram story while sharing a recipe with her followers on Friday.

“I decided I’d show you guys a little easy dinner using this cauliflower gnosh,” she says, pointing to a bag of Trader Joe’s famous cauliflower gnocchi and underlining the name, making it clear she wasn’t sure how to say the word.

The clip quickly went viral on Twitter after a user reposted it with the caption, “Can we please discuss the insane way this former Bachelor contestant pronounces ‘gnocchi.’ ” It’s been viewed over 400,000 times since.

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Godwin — who appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor before meeting her fiancé Dylan Barbour on Bachelor in Paradise — took the criticism in stride by responding to the Twitter clip, and poking fun of herself on her Instagram story.

“Have y’all ever said a word wrong before,” she clapped back on Twitter.

“I get it sue me. I messed up,” she added on Instagram. “Words are hard everyone. I’m too hardheaded to delete at this moment. I may still be saying it wrong.”

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She also made sure to point out that the dinner, which included chicken sausage, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, and asparagus, “still tasted good.”

Barbour even joined in by joking on Twitter, “I would die if you made me gnosh.”

Godwin is surely not the first to stumble over the Italian word. While the second syllable is unanimously pronounced “key,” Merriam-Webster actually provides three different variations for the second syllable. “[It] can be pronounced like NOH, NYOH, or NAH,” they wrote in a blog post.

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