Hearty winter meals royal ladies swear by: The Queen, Duchess Kate and more

It’s pretty chilly out there this January – time for soups, stews and good old roast dinners. But what do those royal ladies eat when the weather is so bitter?

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The likes of the Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall have shared details of their food favourites over the years, and it seems the regal set are very much like you and I, looking to hearty meals to warm them up in winter. Find out what royal ladies eat in winter below…

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Duchess Kate

We’re happy to hear that despite having royal chefs to cater for their family, the Duchess of Cambridge enjoys cooking at home with her husband Prince William and their three children – and roasts are a favourite meal.

Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl told Vanity Fair of Duchess Kate in 2012: “In the evenings she indulges her hobby of cooking William’s favourite supper, roast chicken.”

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Comforting pasta is a favourite in the Cambridge house, too.

People reported that during a visit to Lavender Primary School, the royal told Matthew Kleiner-Mann: “She was telling us how much her children love cooking and how they cook for her. They made cheesy pasta the other day. One stirs the flour, one puts the milk and butter in. And they make salads and stuff.”

Kate is also partial to the ultimate winter pudd: sticky toffee pudding, which she often enjoys at the Old Boot Inn in Stanford Dingley, Berkshire.

Chef Rody Warot told People: “Kate is always discreet and has always complimented the dishes with great kindness… For dessert, her favourite is sticky toffee pudding. It’s moist and spongy.”


Duchess of Cornwall

There’s nothing like a warm, wholesome breakfast to start a cold winter’s day – and Prince Charle’s wife Camilla has just the recipe. The couple keep their own chickens at their home Highgrove, so it’s no surprise that fresh eggs feature high on the royal couple’s breakfast menu.

Clarence House’s official Instagram page once shared one of Charles’ favourite recipes – cheesy baked eggs – which looked absolutely delicious.

Personal chefs have given us an insight into Camilla’s dinner preferences over the years too, with former royal chef, Carolyn Robb, telling Racked of the Duke and Duchess: “They were always very thrifty and economical. If we made roasted lamb and there were leftovers, we’d probably go and make shepherd’s pie the next night.”


Duchess of Sussex

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan loves cooking a big meal for her nearest and dearest on the weekend.

She told Today: “I am a big fan of Sunday suppers. Whether we’re eating lamb tagine, pot roast or a hearty soup, the idea of gathering for a hearty meal with friends and family on a Sunday makes me feel comforted.”

“I enjoy making slow-cooked food on Sundays, like Filipino-style chicken adobo. It’s so easy – combine garlic, soy (or Bragg Liquid Aminos), vinegar, maybe some lemon and let the chicken swim in that sauce until it falls off the bone in a Crock-Pot.”

Meghan also adores the ultimate comfort food, mac and cheese, telling EyeSwoon: “I now buy the Annie’s organic one if I’m craving it, but I throw some frozen peas into it and have this gooey simple childlike meal. I used to cook it for the kids I would babysit and I always enjoyed feeling like a kid and eating it with them.”


The Queen

Think royals in winter and you think afternoon tea – all the family together sipping from china cups and nibbling on fancy cakes.

Her Majesty’s former chef Darren McGrady has previously revealed that the monarch loves chocolate biscuit cake and ginger cake, and her favourite sandwiches are cucumber, egg and smoked salmon.

The Queen is also quite the chocolate fan. Darren told HELLO!: “She is absolutely a chocoholic. Anything we put on the menu that had chocolate on, she would choose, especially chocolate perfection pie.”

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