I tried McDonald’s new summer menu items – and one of them took me by surprise

McDonald’s has added four new items to its UK summer menu which are now available to order in all restaurants across the country.

The fast-food chain expanded its range of wraps, desserts and sides by putting a new twist on cult classics.

As well as a new McFlurry flavour and Ceasar-style wrap, McDonald’s fans can get their hands on Mozzarella Bites and the new Chocolate Pie.

Old favourites have also returned to the menu, including the Double Big Mac and best-selling Sriracha Wrap.

I tried the new additions in line with the launch of the summer menu on Wednesday, June 21 – and one of the items took me by surprise.

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The first newcomer item I tried was the Ceasar and Bacon Wrap. Customers can buy the wrap with grilled or crispy chicken, though I tried the grilled one.

This limited edition item was inspired by the creamy and tangy taste of McDonald’s existing Caesar salad, made from a soft flour tortilla filled with crispy lettuce, bacon and chicken, all drizzled with dressing.

While I had no doubts about the flavour of the wrap, the grilled chicken and bacon were disappointing. The bacon was not as crispy as some may like and it was a bit light on the sauce.

However, as far as wraps go, the concept is worth trying for people who love Ceasar salads and the iconic creamy dressing.

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Up next on the menu was McDonald’s second savoury addition – Mozzarella Bites.  The snacks have a warm and gooey centre encased in a golden crispy coating.

As a fan of their predecessor, the Mozzarella Dippers, the taste was exactly the same and as good as I remember the Dippers to be.

One thing I would say is that the round shape makes it harder to scoop them in the tangy tomato dip, but they’re definitely a hit.

As part of their summer menu, McDonald’s launched two new desserts this month. The long-awaited Lotus Biscoff McFlurry was joined by a Double Chocolate Pie to please those with a sweet tooth.

Though I have a more savoury palette, both desserts surprised me – in particular the chocolate pie. Already a firm favourite in South Korea, the sweet treat is made up of a chocolatey crust and stuffed with a molten chocolate sauce.

The warm snack appears to be a take on the classic Apple Pie, but in my opinion, it’s even better. The gooey core was hard to beat and the outer casing was the perfect contrast.

While it’s not for the faint-hearted, it’s the perfect treat for McDonald’s fans hoping to satisfy a sweet craving.

Lastly was the Biscoff Lotus McFlurry. Made with the fast-food chain’s iconic soft-serve ice cream, the dessert is topped with crumbled Biscoff biscuits and Lotus sauce.

The flavour was spot on for fans of the caramel biscuits and spread, and it goes perfectly with the warm chocolate pie.

McDonald’s fans can get their hands on the new items for a limited time only, and the same goes for items that have returned, including the Double Big Mac, Sriracha Wrap, and Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry.

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