Is Greggs going posh? A new flatbread range is landing – here's what we think…

Sound the alarm – Greggs is going to sell a new range of tasty treats.

The iconic chain is putting some flatbreads on the menu, including a Mexican Chicken option, which will be rolled out in shops nationwide from now.

Sounds a little bit fancier than their typical fare, but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get your favourite steak bakes and sausage rolls from the chain too.

There are three different flatbread options on the way – Mexican Chicken, which has already been launched, and Chicken Shawarma and Vegan Tandoori, which are launching on 25 May.

The Mexican Chicken Flatbread has, as one might expect, chicken, along with chipotle chilli sauce, fresh salad leaves, mixed peppers and chipotle chilli mayonnaise.

The Shawarma variation will have shawarma-style chicken, sliced cucumber and mixed salad leaves, while the vegan offering will be made with tandoori chicken-free pieces, cucumber, salad with a dollop of vegan tandoori mayonnaise and mango chutney.

All three flatbreads will set you back £3.25 if you buy them on their own, or prices start from £3.60 if you get them as part of the cold sandwich deal.

This comes as Greggs finally reached an agreement with a Westminster council, allowing a branch to stay open till 2am. Hallelujah!

Sales for Greggs’ beloved food, like the eatery’s now-iconic vegan range, have risen by close to a fifth over the last year.

The company’s chief executive, Roisin Currie, told PA Media that their customers have been ‘loving the versatility’ of Greggs menu.

She said: ‘It’s all about offering that choice, so people can come in more frequently.’

‘They can come in time and time again and try lots of different things, as well as the favourites that they love.’

Greggs has also pointed out that their sales will likely ‘normalise’ as 2023 goes on, since this spike in sales compared to last year is likely down at least in part to Coronavirus – specifically Omicron’s impact at the beginning of 2022.

Inflation rates will also be a factor, with things like the cost of energy and pressure to increase staff wages at play.

Team Metro’s verdict…

We got to try The Mexican Chicken Flatbread. Here’s what we thought…

‘It was sweeter and less spicy than I expected, but still tasty enough for me to grab a second one for later. Further to that, you don’t get a massive amount for your money, so I was cracking open my second one within an hour. It’s nice, but it won’t be replacing my usual order of a vegan sausage roll and/or steak bake any time soon!’ – Aidan Milan, Lifestyle Reporter

‘While the peppers and the sauce were nice touches alongside the chicken, this new creation from Greggs was definitely on the sweeter side of things. I didn’t mind that so much – but, for me, the flatbread itself was a bit disappointing: chewy rather than soft. It’s also pretty small in stature – especially for the price. I really liked the new Greggs Mexican Chicken bake, so thought this new menu item would be similar. However, I was left a bit disappointed by this (and a little hungry still). I would go for the bake version of this flavour this any day.’ – Lizzie Thomson, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

‘As a fan of the Mexican Chicken Oval Bite from Greggs, I was looking forward to trying the flatbread version. Unfortunately, however, it couldn’t live up to the OG. The bread itself is fine if a little messy to handle, but I’m not sure it’s substantial enough to match the rich fillings inside. The chilli sauce was super sweet and all migrated to the bottom of the flatbread along with the mayo, which wasn’t very nice – I’m a big believer in uniformity of each sandwich bite. It’s not the worst, but I’d much rather get a steak bake or sausage roll if I has the choice. The verdict is: mid.’ – Jess Lindsay, Senior Lifestyle Reporter

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