Keto-Friendly Meal Delivery From HelloFresh + Green Chef is Exactly What You Need in Your Life

The older I get, the more my daydreams change. I used to fantasize about strolling down white sand beaches in remote island locations. Now? I’d be happy to have two hours of uninterrupted reading time.

Ever since I following doing the keto diet, a new dream took shape. In it, I walked into a room filled with buffet tables layered in delicious, freshly prepared foods. But here’s the thing: a sign above the door read that every single item was 100% keto compliant. I didn’t have to flag down servers to drill them about what kind of frying oil the chef used, hunt down ingredient labels, or try to discreetly sniff the dips to somehow determine ingredients using nothing but the power of smell. In this keto utopia, I could eat whatever I wanted without even thinking about it.

Maybe the folks at HelloFresh were reading my mind because they recently created the kind of magical world from my wildest fantasies. Thanks to their recent acquisition of Green Chef, an organic meal delivery service that caters to specific dietary lifestyles including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, and more, people following these specific types of diets can enjoy the convenience of meal delivery with absolutely zero hassle.

When my first keto meal kit arrived from Green Chef I had to stop myself from jumping up and down with excitement. I had recently returned from an incredibly indulgent vacation and was feeling bloated, tired, and gross. Do you have any idea how many grams of sugar is in a frozen strawberry daiquiri? You don’t want to know.

As usual, I hadn’t had time to grocery shop before the start of my busy week, so I was overjoyed that a fully compliant, delicious, healthy, keto dinner was waiting on my doorstep. Like all my prior experiences with HelloFresh, the meal kit arrived in recyclable packaging with clearly labeled ingredients and step-by-step instructions for prepping the meal. As a busy mom with absolutely no natural cooking ability, that part was invaluable.

Roasted Italian Chicken Thighs | Green Chef via Instagram

For my experience, I got to try three unique keto-friendly dinners:

  • Cajun Shrimp with Bacon served with braised collards with red peppers and tomato sauce
  • Roasted Italian Chicken Thighs served with mozzarella cheese crisps, roasted broccoli, and pesto
  • Cumin Roasted Pork Chops served with roasted fall veggies with cojita, chimichurri, and pepitas

And they say the keto diet is too restrictive. HA!

It’s really hard to pick a favorite meal, but if I must, it was the pork chops. Even my kids, who are all younger than five, truly enjoyed both the tenderness of the meat and the roasted veggies. Yes, they gobbled down Kobacha squash like it was candy! Who would have thought that was possible? I’d never considered sautéing and then roasting vegetables, but now that I know the results, I’ll be using this technique forever.

Cajun Shrimp with Bacon | Green Chef via Instagram

HelloFresh + Green Chef is like the gift that keeps on giving. Because not only did I get to enjoy one delicious, keto-friendly meal – but I got the added bonus of learning how to make the food. Every time I get a new meal delivery dinner, I keep the recipe card so I can recreate the meal again on my own. And when I do, I know exactly which ingredients to purchase, how to prep all my veggies, and I have the confidence that comes from nailing a recipe the first time. I know my family will love these meals when I inevitably make them again.

And they never have to know everything I’m cooking is keto. It’s so good, you’d never guess.

Editor’s note: Green Chef meal kit trial was provided by HelloFresh. Opinions are my own.   

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