KFC hack can get you almost £4 worth of food for under £2

We’re about to let you into a KFC secret (and no, it’s not their secret blend of herbs and spices).

A deal to get cheaper chicken at the retailer has been doing the rounds recently, and it allows you to get £3.77 worth of food for just £1.99.

The offer gets you a mini fillet burger (which normally costs £1.49) two hot wings (normally 99p) and a regular fries (normally £1.20) with change of a £2 coin. There’s just one catch.

You have to order before 3pm to get the Fill Up Lunch deal, so no midnight bargain chicken runs.

It does work any day of the week, though, so you can always go for a hangover munch on the cheap.

You should also check if your local branch is participating, as many KFCs are franchised, so it’s their discretion whether they take part.

The deal runs until 10 June, and all you need to do is go in and order the items.

If you’d like a drink on top that’s going to be an extra 99p, unless you stick to good old H2O at home.

Fans of the Colonel’s recipe have sung the offer’s praises on Hot UK Deals where it was shared, with one calling it a ‘game changer’.

Others lambasted the early timings, saying that they’d have to stock up in the day ready to break their Ramadan fast (good idea imho). If that is your plan, you can check whether your local restaurant offers a halal option here.

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