Mariska Hargitay and Offset Hand Out Food to Voters Waiting in Line in New York and Atlanta

Mariska Hargitay and Offset are the latest celebrities to bring snacks to the polls.

Hargitay, 56, handed out cookies to voters waiting in line in New York City on Tuesday, NBC News reporter Gilma Avalos shared on Twitter.

In footage posted by Avalos, the Law and Order star tossed Milk Bar cookies to people standing in line outside of Madison Square Garden.

"Who said voting's not fun?" the actress said as she passed around the treats. "Thank you for voting."

"Voters have about a 2hr wait. PS I got a blueberry & cream cookie. Thanks, @Mariska !" Avalos wrote on Twitter alongside the video. 

Hargitay encouraged Americans to vote on Tuesday with an Instagram post dedicated to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

"Truly and deeply, I believe in our collective power to win this fight for the soul of our nation," a portion of Hargitay's caption read. "If you are still in line waiting to vote, please stay in line. If you are still thinking about going and haven’t: go—you still have time to participate in this important process. And please, take care of yourselves."

Meanwhile, Offset was in Atlanta Tuesday handing out veggie burgers.

In collaboration with the Lincoln Project, the Migos rapper, 28, stopped at several polling places throughout the city to give voters free snacks from the Slutty Vegan.

After voting himself, Offset shared a video on his Instagram Story.

"What's up? It's your boy Offset and I voted today," he said, zooming in on his "I Voted" sticker. "Yes sir, I voted today. I'm pulling up to Fickett Elementary and William Walker Rec Center with Slutty Vegan and Big Dave's Cheesesteaks to celebrate Election Day."

Offset has previously encouraged people to vote, saying in a message last week that younger people "can't keep keeping our voice quiet."

"It's very important for us to get out here and get to the polls to vote for our communities. Let's save our communities," he said.

"Especially as young folks, you know what I'm saying. The numbers right now, we're kind of low on voting. So, I would like for us to get it up. We matter, we mean something to the world. We mean something to our community," he continued. "We can't keep keeping our voice quiet. Our voices matter, so let's get together. Let's do it. Let's turn up. We can have fun, but it's time to handle business and we're running out of time. So, let's get to them polls and vote, ASAP."

Like Hargitay, Paul Rudd handed out cookies to New Yorkers waiting in line to cast their early ballots last week.

In footage shared by Guster drummer Brian Rosenworcel, Rudd, 51, can be heard saying, "I want to say thank you for coming out and voting and doing your part," to people in line in Brooklyn.

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