Missing Wetherspoons cocktails? This woman shows how make the top ones at home

Everybody is well aware that the pubs are shut, and might be for some time to come.

While you’ve probably managed to squeeze in a few picnic proseccos and chilled tinnies, it’s not quite the same as cold pitcher of cocktail on a warm afternoon.

Although Wetherspoons undoubtedly has its faults, their pitchers are always a cheap and cheerful winner, with crowd-pleasers like ginberry fizz, blue lagoon, ultra violet, and purple rain.

One woman’s helpful TikTok tutorials have given us the recipes so we can make exact replicas of these sweet treats in our very own homes.

TikTok user youlikejazzzzz shared her recipes, so all you need is a stocked-up booze cabinet, a jug, and some ice.

Here’s how to recreate each ‘Spoons favourite:

Wetherspoons purple rain recipe

  • Fill a jug three-quarters full with ice
  • Add 50ml of cherry Sourz
  • Add 50ml of blue Curaçao
  • Pour enough lemonade in to cover the ice cubes
  • Give it a mix and serve

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Wetherspoons ultra violet recipe

  • Fill your jug three-quarters full with ice
  • Add 100ml parma violet gin (the J.J. Whitley one is probably the most widely available
  • Top with two cans of Monster Ultra (the one in the white can)
  • Miz and serve

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Wetherspoons blue lagoon recipe

  • Fill your pitcher three-quarters full with ice
  • Add 50ml vodka
  • Add 50ml blue Curaçao
  • Add two dashes lime cordial
  • Top with lemonade and serve

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Wetherspoons ginberry fizz recipe

  • Fill your jug three-quarters full with ice
  • Add 50ml Chambord
  • Add 50ml pink gin
  • Top with lemonade and serve

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You can add more ice or garnishes to each or tweak the measurements to your taste, but these have the general gist of what you need to replicate the flavour you miss.

The cocktails made by Jazzzz are employee-approved too, with one Wetherspoons worker saying: ‘As someone who works for spoons, this isn’t that bad’.

Many did say, however, that the rules at ‘Spoons require a lot more ice to bulk the whole thing up. Let’s be honest, we knew when we were getting two for £12 there’d be some sort of trickery.

Do you have a recipe you’d like to share with the world?

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