Mum’s fatastic method to store onions and garlic to keep them fresher for longer

Food poisoning: Expert gives advice on safe food storage

It may seem like common sense to get onions, garlic, and shallots stored on a shelf on your fridge, or perhaps even in a net bag or basket.

However, these traditional storage places can cause your vegetables to become rotten much more quickly and become inedible. They should last up to three months if stored correctly, but if the conditions are not right they will form dark spots, go mushy and even grow spores once rotten.

Luckily, one food expert has a kitchen trick on how to store onion, garlic, and shallots in the right conditions. Stephaine Booth is a household specialist who shared her ultimate cooking and organisational hacks online to help others run their homes.

In one TikTok video, Stephaine explained how to keep your allium vegetables fresher for longer by not storing them in the fridge. If onions, garlic and shallots have good air circulation and are stored in a place that will aboard moisture, they are likely to last months.

She said: “Do you store your onions and garlic in a basket or in a net bag and notice they are going bad before you can even use all of them? Well, I have a hack which will have them last longer.”

In order to keep these vegetables fresh, you will need a paper bag, a hole puncher and some paper clips.

To begin, Stephaine said: “Fold the paper bag in half and using the hole punch, punch holes along each side of the bag about one inch apart.”

“Then all you do is fill your bag up halfway full with your onions, garlic or shallots. Fold the top two to three times, label it and then secure it with a paper clip.”

Onions, garlic and shallots should also be stored in a cool and dark area, such as a cabinet, pantry or basement. These vegetables need somewhere with low relative humidity, as heat, moisture and light can accelerate deterioration.

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Stephaine finished her video by saying: “Now your produce will last three months instead of three weeks. Hope this tip helps you!”

In her video comment section, users praised Stephaine for her simple advice, with some people stating that she has helped them save some of their own vegetables.

One user said: “This is the information I need and it’s so simple! I just had to throw away all my onions for the week so thank you for this.”

Another person wrote: “I tried this and my garlic has lasted one month so far!”

A third commentator asked Stephaine why can’t onions be stored in the fridge, to which Stephaine replied: “The refrigerator changes the structure and texture of onions like it does tomatoes.”

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