‘My red wine braised pot roast hits every time’

Top chef shares top tips for cooking beef

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Cordarrius Green is a chef who learned how to cook from his Mississippi grandmother while on his summer breaks and shares his prized culinary recipes on his TikTok account @cordandthekitchen and website of the same name. Cordarrius’s recipe on how to make the perfect Sunday roast has gone viral on TikTok with over 2 million views, and reviews for the recipe have said it is the best roast they have ever made.

Cordarrius began his video by saying he “guaranteed” his pot roast recipe would be a hit. He began by preparing the meat. He said: “We’re gonna get a chuck roast, lather it up with some olive oil and get some seasoning.”

The chef seasoned the roast with white pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder and then added some ranch seasoning. He then showed himself flipping over the seasoned meat and rubbing it. He said: “I season it on one side, and then rub the seasonings all over, it just makes it easier and less messy.”

Cordarrius then seared the roast by putting oil into a pan and then placing butter on top of the meat. He then seared the meat for four minutes on each side and placed it in the oven for two and a half hours.

After he took the meat out, Cordarrius said it was important to save the remains in the pot as it was “flavour” for a gravy. He mixed flour into the pan with unsalted beef stock, and a beef bouillon cube and then added both red and white diced onions.

The chef also added Worcestershire sauce to the gravy and also added the same seasoning as the meat in the gravy. He then added his wine and said it was important to use a dry red wine for your roast.

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Cordarrius then showed some uncooked but chopped potatoes that had also been seasoned which he placed into a roasting pot. He then also placed the seared meat on top alongside the gravy and then added two bay leaves.

The chef then cooked the meat at 375 Fahrenheit (190 Celsius) for 30 minutes to achieve the perfect roast. After it was cooked, Cordarrius said he paired his roast with green beans and his own homemade honey vanilla butter cornbread.

The chef has a more detailed version of his roast recipe on his website where he also sells cookbooks to show how he makes his southern-inspired dishes.

Cordarrius pot roast recipe has been a hit on social media and many people have said they were amazed once they tried out the recipe. One woman named Stefannie said it was “the best roast I have ever made!.”

In a detailed comment, she said her roast was “falling apart with the serving spoon…I have made it three times this month, thank you!” Another comment said the dish was “approved by Grandma” and wrote: “The pot roast was tasty and tender enough for my 103-year-old grandmother to enjoy!”

People in the comment section of the video also said the meal “looks amazingly good” and another person said: “I have followed your recipe repeatedly and my daughter loved it. Usually, I cannot cook worth a damn so I was so happy.”

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