People share photos of strange ways their dishes were served at restaurants

Chefs are constantly finding new ways to innovate how they plate their dishes.

Sometimes, their creativity goes a bit haywire – and we end up with strange-looking meals that even hipsters would lift an eyebrow at.

But at least these make for a good laugh.

People from across the globe have shared the most unusual ways their dishes have arrived at the table in restaurants, in a round-up by Bored Panda.

Like the chef who decided it would be an excellent idea to serve a very small potato on a miniature wooden chair or the one who placed a carrot on top of an old-school telephone.

Our personal favourite however? The person who got their food plated into their hand. Just, why?

In other recent food news – if you have an appetite after all that – M&S has just launched strawberry clotted cream, so you no longer have to choose which spread goes first.

Made with Jersey and Guernsey milk, the new product costs £2.50 for 200g.

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