Philips' Air Fryers Are Dangerously Cheap Today ONLY

With just two days to go before Thanksgiving, Amazon’s Deals of the Day are getting GOOD. Today only—you have till 3 a.m. EST to shop the sale!—one of their top picks is none other than Philips’ beloved Air Fryer. You’ve probably heard of this magical tool before (it was one of last year’s top kitchen presents), but if not, here’s the gist.

Air Fryers let you make healthier “fried” foods at home: french fries, duh, but also turkey, chicken, veggies…whatever you want, really. The machine can fry, bake, grill and roast food using a tablespoon or less of oil, which cuts the fat content down up to 75 percent. How does it work? The fryer exposes food to constant, circulating heat, “frying” it to a nice and crispy texture without dropping it in a vat of oil.

The small appliance can set you back hundreds of dollars, but today only, the $250 model is on sale for just $100. That’s a 60 percent discount, and $150 in savings!

If you buy it on Amazon, you’ll get a Quick Start/Food Reference Guide and a free app with more than 150 Air Fryer recipes. Plus, an exclusive offer to try Noom’s Healthy Weight Program for free. Shop soon if you want in on the deal!

From: Delish

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