Pillsbury Hot Cocoa Rolls Are Back to Make You Feel All Warm and Gooey Inside

Forget milk and cookies, these are what Santa would really want.

Pillsbury has announced the return of the fan-favorite Hot Cocoa Rolls—a twist on their original warm and gooey cinnamon rolls but with a hot cocoa filling and marshmallow icing.

The rolls are only available in the “grand” size with five rolls per can and are not expected to stick around long. Look for them in your local Walmart, Target and Kroger stores for $3.89, a representative for Pillsbury tells PEOPLE.

If you’re a chocolate person, the sweet treats would be especially delicious paired with a warm cup of hot cocoa. But if you’re looking to enjoy them in the morning, you could even take a hint from Kylie Jenner and prepare them in a waffle iron.

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Last year, the reality star outlined how she makes her “really simple but really good” cinnamon roll waffles. Simple stick one roll in the center of the waffle maker and cook it for 3 to 4 minutes.

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The Hot Cocoa Rolls aren’t the only seasonal treats making their way into stores already. Target released their new Sugar Cookie Milk and Hot Cocoa M&M’s are back with a new marshmallow center. See the full list of holiday snacks on shelves this year here.

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