Pizza Express launches herb-infused pizza base in three flavours at supermarkets

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food – not to mention, it’s a brilliant, hassle-free dinner that can be ready in minutes.

But if you’re looking to upgrade your regular pizza night with something a little more sophisticated, a new supermarket range could be for you.

Pizza Express has unveiled a new herb-infused pizza base to its supermarket shelf line-up.

This range is designed to give a little taste of Sicily, but with minimal preparation.

The new rosemary-infused base forms the bottom of each pizza, but there are three different toppings to choose from.

Customers can pick either a Pesto Margherita option, a Ham, Garlic Mushroom and Mascarpone variety and a Mozzarella, Nduja and Chilli pizza.

So there’s something for everyone.

Plus, the ‘focaccia-style dough’ offers something a little different, in the form of a light and fluffy option, compared to more traditional bases.

Currently, the new pizzas are being rolled out exclusively at Tesco and are available for individual purchase, or as part of a meal deal: including two mains, plus two sides or desserts for £12.

Jane Treasure, the food and beverage director at Pizza Express, says: ‘Our brand new Siciliana range offers an exciting pizza option that customers won’t have seen or tasted before. 

‘We’re so excited to be Introducing this innovative rosemary infused base in three delicious flavours, catering for different tastes.’

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