Robin Roberts Says She 'Never' Drinks Coffee Even Though She Wakes Up at 3:15 A.M.

Talk about being a morning person!

Opening up about her morning routine, Robin Roberts told New York Magazine’s The Cut that unlike the majority of Americans who wake up early for work, she doesn’t rely on a cup—or five—of coffee to help her wake up.

The Good Morning America anchor, who revealed that she wakes up at 3:15 a.m. every morning, told the outlet that she “never drink[s] coffee.”

Instead, she drinks “plenty of water on the drive in to the studio and inside the dressing room,” Roberts shared, adding that she also drinks “a lot of kombucha on the set” of the morning program.

“It looks like Blue Moon, and everyone always thinks I’m drinking a beer,” she remarked of the fermented tea-based beverage. “I’m like, ‘Do you see an orange in there? No! That is not Blue Moon; it’s kombucha. Come on, people.’ ”

Roberts went on to reveal that she doesn’t have much of a breakfast when she wakes up: “I can’t eat in the morning,” she said. Her morning meals are more likely to consist of solely some “vitamin gummies,” she said. “Not the other kind of gummies — thank you very much.”

However, the veteran anchor revealed that while she might not have much of an appetite early in the day, she’s no stranger to eating on set.

“When we have cooking segments on the show, I tear that food up. I ate a pork chop at 8:40 yesterday — almost dinner for me,” she joked.

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So how does Roberts spend her morning? Starting at 3:30 a.m. she “watches 10 minutes of TV” before meditating for 20 minutes.

“At that point, it’s like 4:05, and I do some deep breathing. Then I turn the TV set back on to catch more of the news, hop in the shower, head out the door, and have my driver Dario put on some gospel music in the car. Then, I’m in the studio by 5,” she said, adding that before she enters the the studio she blows “a kiss to my mother and my father.”

Roberts’ father died in 2004 and her mother passed away in 2012.

“I used to call my mother every single morning after GMA in the dressing room. She was in Mississippi, so I’d have to wait until 10 a.m. for her to see it central time,” she shared. “So I would wait, and I’d call her like clockwork at 10 a.m. Because my mother was such a ray of sunshine, she was the one who started my day.”

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