Sainsbury's is selling pigs in blankets flavoured mayo for Christmas

We’ll put it bluntly: brands kind of lose their minds a bit as we approach Christmas.

They do things just because they can, not because they should, like making crisps that taste like Christmas trees or putting a vegan Christmas dinner in a can.

Overexcited by the festive season and its commercial opportunities, they go mad with the power of Christmassy flavours. Sometimes this works wonderfully. Sometimes it’s a horror show.

Which category does this creation fall into? We’ll leave that up to you.

Behold: Pigs in blankets flavoured mayo, by Sainsbury’s.

This is pretty much exactly what you think – pink-tinged mayonnaise that’s made to taste like sausages wrapped in bacon.

For what purpose, you may ask? We truly don’t know. Perhaps you could put it on your Christmas dinner, inside your Boxing Day sandwich, or you could dip your pigs and blankets in the pigs and blankets flavoured mayo for a sort of pigs in cocoons situation.

While the mayo is pigs in blankets flavoured, it doesn’t actually contain pigs in blankets.

Instead the mayonnaise simply has some smoke flavouring, tomato paste, and paprika extract to create that smoky bacon effect.

This also means that pigs in blankets mayo is suitable for vegetarians. Win.

Oh, and it’s 95p for a 280ml squeezy bottle, so it’s decent value, too.

The mayo isn’t the only pigs in blankets flavouring Sainsbury’s is bringing out in time for Christmas.

The supermarket has also launched a ‘sprout sprinkle’ that has ‘pigs in blanket style seasoning’.

Again, this is suitable for veggies and just gets that pigs in blankets flavour from a blend of onion, garlic, and smoked paprika. The idea is that you chuck it on your Brussels sprouts to make them taste glorious. A box of 35g is 80p.

Elsewhere in the sauce range is Brussels sprouts ketchup (£3) and Boxing Day Curry Sauce.

Merry condiments, one and all.

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