Santa-Themed Alien Popcorn Buckets Have Invaded Disney World, and They're Absurdly Cute

Toy Story‘s little green aliens have escaped Pizza Planet’s infamous claw machine and invaded Walt Disney World — in popcorn bucket form, that is. The three-eyed creatures already inspired wildly popular snack-carrying containers at Disneyland earlier this year, but this time around, they’ve gotten a holiday-approved upgrade, swapping their blue outfits for Santa-themed getups.

These brand-new popcorn buckets cost $25 for the bucket and $2 for a refill, and there’s a limit of two per person. They’re currently available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL, but it’s only a matter of time before they make their way to Disneyland, where they’re sure to cause hour-long lines like the other Instagram-worthy popcorn buckets we’ve seen at the Disney parks these past few years. Ahead, catch a glimpse at the festive popcorn-toting aliens in all their intergalactic glory.

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