Shoppers rave over heated butter knife that spreads with ease

Hard, cold butter is one of those silly first world problems that we just haven’t overcome as a society yet.

Trying to spread butter that’s been in the fridge can be a nightmare, potentially ripping your bread apart in the process.

Many people have come up with short-term solutions to this (such as grating their butter or warming it in the microwave) but few have been as groundbreaking as this.

Shoppers have been raving about a heated butter knife released by That! Inventions, that warms the butter as you spread, taking away that niggling issue from your life.

Using semi-conductor heat transfer tubing underneath a tough Titanium shell, the serrated knife transfers heat from the palm of your hand to the knife, warming your spread.

Because there are no batteries or chargers, it’s dishwasher safe and can be used whenever you want.

The main downside, though, is that you need to have warm hands for the gadget to do its job. That might not be great for those who tend to err more on the side of cold hands/warm heart.

It’s been reviewed hundreds of times on Amazon, with a four star rating overall. One person said: ‘Excellent product, bought for a person with mobility issues.’

Another wrote: ‘Works really well, I can spread real butter without having to wait, great product.’

The knife costs £19.99 on Amazon, and could be just the thing for your loved one’s stocking. It can also be used with peanut butter, Nutella, or any other spread, so make sure to put their favourite in with their gift, too.

Or, if they’re more of an ice cream fan, this warming ice cream scoop will do the same job for their Ben and Jerry’s using the same thermo technology.

First world problems, be gone.

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