Tanqueray gin is creating a bar with personalised cocktails based on your senses

When a bar has a lengthy cocktail menu, it can be hard to choose what you want.

Either you go rogue and end up with something that’s really not to your taste or stick to an old favourite and never get to try anything new.

Well, good news. Gin brand, Tanqueray is taking over a townhouse to create a pop-up bar where they use all sorts of things to help you choose your drink.

There are five rooms to choose from – from an elegant lounge bar to a secret bar, where they’ll analyse your senses to create personalised drinks.

The event will run from 6-15 December at Bloomsbury House in London.

Tickets cost £12 but they include two cocktails and access to the whole experience.

Guests will be greeted with a gin (Tanqueray of course) and tonic on arrival as they move through each of the rooms.

Magic Circle artists will also be performing illusions throughout so expect playing cards magically appearing in gin bottles and cocktail shakers disappearing in front of your eyes.

At The Lounge Bar, you can get classic G&Ts, gin-based classic cocktails like a Tom Collins and new recipes created by Jack Sotti, like a Townhouse Negroni and a Bloomsbury Sour.

For those looking for a relaxed vibe, there’s a library featuring a whole range of books about gin.

There’s also The Gifting Room, where you can create Christmas gifts like a bespoke gin Christmas cracker. There’s a calligrapher’s table where you can create customised labels, wax bottle seals and your own wrapping paper for the gin-lover in your life. This is the only bit of the experience open to non-ticket holders so if you miss out on a ticket, you can still take a look.

Things get a little more scientific with The Aura Room, where they apparently use facial recognition technology to read your aura and decide which cocktail is for you.

And the final room is The Secret Bar. A selection of lucky guests will be invited via a ringing telephone to take part. They will then be given a range of scented vials of Tanqueray No. Ten ingredients and gin experts will assess the reaction to create a unique cocktail based on the results. We’re not sure how accurate it can really be but it sounds like fun.

The whole event will raise money for The Felix Project, a charity that helps people experiencing food poverty in London.

Tickets are on sale now so grab one before they’re gone.

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