The espresso spritz could be your new summer drink

Whether it’s a cold brew, an iced latte or a mocha frappe, chilled coffee in the sunshine is a match made in heaven 

But the latest trending drink in the summery caffeinated line-up is a take on an old favourite.

And if you love an espresso martini, this could be one for you.

The espresso spritz is set to be a new drink for the summer and it has all the winning components for a refreshing cocktail.

The brainchild of cocktail guru Julianna McIntosh, the CEO of Spritz Season, the espresso spritz features tonic water (or sparkling water), espresso, Amaro Montenegro liqueur, a hint of orange juice and basil to garnish.

While coffee, fizzy water and orange juice might sound like a departure from conventional cocktails, Julianna says not to knock it until you’ve tried it.

In her Instagram post sharing the recipe, she said: ‘If you trust me on one thing, trust me on this: Espresso Spritz.

‘I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again: Bubbles, citrus, and coffee are a dream together. Simply, chef’s kiss. I had my first coffee lemonade in Mexico and I’ve never looked back. Here’s a fun way to make a new iced coffee.’

This follows in the footsteps of people on TikTok discovering orange juice and espresso as a combination last year and loving it – as well as the parmesan espresso martini trend earlier this year.

The espresso spritz is also considerably less faff to make than an espresso martini – as all you need is a glass and something to stir.

So, watch out Aperol, there could be a new spritz taking the cocktail crown this summer.

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