Travis Scott's 'CACTI' Spiked Seltzer Brand is Launching in 2021

After recently teaming up with Byredo to drop a space-inspired perfume and candle collection, Travis Scott has just announced the launch of his newest product initiative that takes shape in the form of his own line of spiked seltzers entitled “CACTI“. The new venture will be made alongside Anheuser-Busch — an American brewing imprint based out of in St. Louis, Missouri whose current portfolio hosts notable beer brands such as Budweiser and Stella Artois.

“Down to earth ingredients. Out of this world flavor.” This is the marketing slogan utilized for Astroworld artist’s trio of forthcoming beverages. The refreshing alcohol brand is comprised of three different flavors including that of “Pineapple”, “Lime” and “Strawberry”. Blue agave from Mexico is packed inside every little one of its 355 ml 12 ounce cans, all of which are infused with natural flavors and have 7% alcohol.

Branding for the cans are simple-yet-striking, and feature colorful pineapple and cactus graphics which are layered beneath the label’s moniker printed across the front.

“CACTI” is expected to launch in March 2021, and you can find further updates here.

Throughout his career, Scott has had a huge streak of collaborative projects with the likes of Nike, General Mills, Hot Wheels, Fortnite, McDonalds and PlayStation, all of which generated through-the-roof excitement, and it’s likely that this new business move will only garner more of the same.

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