Watch Jennifer Garner Make a Super-Sweet Cameo on Ina Garten's Thanksgiving Special

Jennifer Garner‘s cameo on Ina Garten‘s Thanksgiving special is only days away and we’ve got a sneak peek.

During the clip from the Pretend Cooking Show that Garner filmed for the Barefoot Contessa episode on Saturday, Garner is seen questioning the amount of sugar that should really go into her grandma’s sweet potato pudding.

“Grandma called for two and a half cups of sugar,” Garner says. “That is so much sugar.”

After adding one cup of sugar, she says: “I’m going to start with about a cup and a half cup of sugar and then taste it once I have all the spices in. You can’t have your pudding be sweeter than your pie.”

The actress, who first started sharing cooking videos from her home kitchen last year, announced on Monday she will be starring on Ina Garten’s upcoming episode.

To share the good news, Garner, 46, posted a video on Instagram where she is seen making a colorful paper turkey.

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“Why, is that the #BarefootContessa music playing somewhere? YES. Yes, it is. BECAUSE—@inagarten invited #PretendCookingShow to be part of her Thanksgiving special!!” she captioned the clip. “My feisty grandmother Exie Mae Garner’s sweet potato pudding is getting its shot in the big leagues this Saturday.”

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The pair have been friends since they first met three years ago — and Garten is a fan of the mom of three’s at-home cooking tutorials.

“I love her videos so much. She is adorable and smart and not at all performing—that’s just who she is,” Garten tells PEOPLE. “I just think she’s really special.”

Barefoot Contessa‘s Thanksgiving special, which also stars Nigella Lawson and Marcus Samuelsson, airs Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on Food Network.

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