We're sorry to say these food items make your picnic officially un-cool

Today in ‘news to make you feel past-it’, apparently all your picnic choices are marking you out as old-fashioned.

A poll of 2,000 people has gathered together the food items that cool young types would ‘never’ pack in their picnic basket, ranking these as devastatingly outdated.

And – in a crushing blow for most of us – some absolute classics make the list.

Egg and cress sandwiches, sausage rolls, and pasta salad have all been relegated to the scrap heap, along with bags of crisps and coronation chicken.

So what al fresco dining options can you get away with?

Craft beers are better than Prosecco, and trading in your sandwiches for tapas and dips will mark you out as a true picnic icon.

Picnic foods that are uncool, according to this survey:

Now, it’s important to note that White Claw commissioned this research, so it’s not too surprising to note that ‘pre-mixed alcoholic drinks’ have also been declared as trendy.

But did they really have to cancel coleslaw in favour of sushi and home-made focaccia?

‘Cool’ picnic foods, as declared by this survey:

The poll is being shared as a way to promote the brand’s new ‘Hot Spotters’ shebang, which allows you to book a slot in a London park.

If you book your place, you’ll get a kit made up of White Claw drinks (obviously), a cool bag, a picnic blanket, speakers, sanitisers, and cushions for a chilled-out time in the park.

We suppose this is what a ‘cool’ picnic looks like in 2021.

We think we’ll stick to home-made sandwiches, scones, and cakes, thanks. Who cares if they’re old-fashioned? Our go-tos are classics for a reason – and you can prise our large bags of crisps out of our cold, dead hands.

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