What your fave snack flavours say about you according to a food psychologist

Are you a fiend for firey flavours? Does your sweet tooth reign supreme? Or are you partial to a bit of peri-peri?

According to a food psychologist, your top snack flavour choices can say a lot about you.

Food psychologist Greg Tucker, said ‘In such an emotionally rich environment, we should not be surprised how much flavour choices play in revealing insight into our mood and personality.’

So, without any further ado, here’s what your favourite snack-time flavours apparently say about you.

Spice: The Searchers

If you’re into spicy flavours, you’re a fan of adventures and excitement.

Greg said: ‘Spice is a very broad category but generally what it delivers is a burst of rapid-release flavour, usually with an edge of heat that can then evolve over time.

‘The spice searcher is looking for something that releases tension and drives thrills, taking the person to new places they haven’t been to before.’

Soy: The Fifth Dimension Decoder

This flavour is apparently likely to appeal to those who are enigmatic, mysterious and flirtatious.

‘Soy delivers that mystical fifth taste – umami,’ said Greg.

‘A concentrated hit of richness and depth – an enigmatic and engaging complexity allowing the consumer to become fully invested and involved in what is happening in their mouth. The people that enjoy the taste of soy are flirty with new people but don’t want to give too much away about themselves.’

BBQ: Mouth Music

BBQ fans are likely to be fun, upbeat, and optimistic according to Greg.

‘This is fun in a flavour,’ said Greg, who has partnered with beef jerky brand Jack Link’s to offer his snacking expertise.

He continued: ‘It has a richness that has a mixture of tangy sourness, sweetness and added depths of smoke. The people who normally enjoy this flavour are fun, upbeat and want everyone to have a good time.’

Teriyaki: The Changing Chameleon

Are you a best-of-both-worlds kind of person? Then teriyaki tops your list of snack flavours.

‘The sweetness (sugar or honey) makes it a little more accessible,’ said Greg, ‘but the true strength of teriyaki is the fact it cannot be pinned down – it literally evolves in the mouth as the taste journey reveals itself.

‘The person who enjoys this flavour can sometimes be worried about being categorised and wants to stand out from the crowd, but will often take a back seat if that is required from them. They’re also easily adaptable in many different and challenging situations.’

Salt and Pepper: The Authentic Individual

If salt and pepper is your favourite, then Greg says you’re unfussy and confident.

He said: ‘Salt and pepper act as a graphic equaliser, boosting the true notes of the underlying ingredients of the food. It makes flavours more vivid yet doesn’t seek to mask them. Pepper adds some high notes, bite and vibrancy whilst salt is an integrity shot.

‘These are the flavours of the self-confident and assured individual – unflash, unpretentious and unworried by others – the person who is truly at home in their own skin.’

Chilli: The Macho Animal

Like a challenge? Testing your mettle with chilli might be your thing.

‘The macho challenge of chilli heat is a testosterone-fuelled response to the pain induced by the spice, a test of masculinity particularly popular in the UK,’ said Greg.

‘The chilli chooser is usually a bit of an animal, a strutting lion beating his chest to show his power – the aspiring leader of the pack.’

Peri-Peri: Modern Stylist

Peri-peri is apparently for the more chic of us.

‘Peri-peri allows – even encourages – the consumer to flirt with heat yet maintain a degree of control and cool,’ said Greg, ‘just what the more stylish and aware person will look to be doing.’

Sweet: Pleasure Chaser

And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re apparently chill and innocent.

Greg said: ‘Sweetness becomes paired emotionally with calm, rich reward, relaxation and escape, provided it is not over-indulged upon!

‘We are given an energy and mood boost by sweetness as well as a sense of release – sweetness lengthens flavours and allows us to relax into the consumption moment and enjoy what we are eating.’

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