You can get 4.5 litre tubs of Ben & Jerry's for £3.50

Empty your freezer because there’s an incredible offer on ice cream right now.

You can get 4.5 litres of Ben & Jerry’s for £3.50 at Heron Foods.

To put it into perspective, a normal tub is 465ml so this is almost 10 times the size.

But a normal tub costs around £4.50. They’re currently on offer for £3.50 at Tesco, making it the same price as the giant tubs at Heron Foods.

Usually these huge tubs are for cinemas or the catering industry but with so many places closed, it seems they’ve been brought to some stores.

The tubs were spotted at a branch of Heron Foods in Walsgrave in Coventry and posted by HotUKDeals but others have posted online about finding some near them too.

Flavours that people have found include Moophoria Chocolate Cookie Dough and Baked Alaska.

There are 243 Heron Foods stores across the UK so it might be worth making a trip to your nearest one to see if you can get some.

The deal was so popular, the Heron Foods website crashed as people tried to use the store locator to get their own tub on Sunday.

A post on their Facebook page said: ‘We apologise if you’re having trouble accessing our website, we’re working extremely hard to restore it. If you’re looking for our FANTASTIC DEAL on Ben & Jerry’s don’t worry it’s in stores now…. but HURRY it’s flying out of the freezers!’

One customer called the offer the ‘deal of the millennium’ while another said they were thinking of driving 35 miles to their nearest store to get one.

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