You can now buy Curiously Cinnamon churros breakfast cereal

Sometimes you just have to start your day off with a treat.

And this new cereal sounds like a pretty delicious option.

Nestle has released a churro version of its Curiously Cinnamon cereal, based on the popular Spanish dish.

Each box contains small churro shapes, coated in the brand’s blend of sugar and spice, which is also used on the original toasted squares of whole wheat and rice.

Food blogger @johnssnackreviews spotted the new product and shared the news on Instagram.

He said the boxes cost £2.50 and are now available at Tesco. Each box contains 12 servings.

Fans were excited to give them a go. One commented: ‘Oh my sweet mother of god, I am going to get these. Curiously cinnamon is one of my favourites, i will be hunting these bad boys down.’

Another said: ‘Omg I’m getting these.’

After giving them a try with some milk, @Helenjtea posted her review.

She said: ‘Who else agrees that cereal tastes better in the evening?!

‘Loving these NEW @curiouslycinnamonuk churros -the warming cinnamon flavour definitely does remind me of churros and they have mastered the shape!

‘Will definitely have to try these with chocolate milk too.’

In other recent releases that you might want to hunt out on your next grocery shop, Pimm’s is releasing a new raspberry and redcurrant flavour called Sundowner.

According to the brand, it’s best mixed with ice, prosecco and topped with soda water.

A 70cl bottle costs £15.

Cheers to that.

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