Alan Titchmarsh shows fans ‘cheering’ tree for autumn colour now and ‘blossom’ in spring

Alan Titchmarsh shows off his cherry tree

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Gardening expert Alan Titchmarsh often shares gardening tips and advice on his Instagram account. This week, Alan showed keen gardeners another tree that provides autumn colour. In his latest video on Instagram, Alan can be seen walking through a garden with lots of trees.

He pans the camera down to show his feet crunching over dead autumn leaves.

The gardening expert then shows fans the glorious colours of a cherry tree whose leaves have turned orange, red and yellow in the turn of the season.

Alan described the the day in the video’s caption as “dull” with “no sun” and “no moon”.

However, the beautiful autumnal cherry tree brightened up his day.

He told his fans on Instagram: “It’s a dull day – no sun. No moon. November.

“And then you look up and see the cherry tree leaves – even without sunshine – cheering!”

Alan’s video garnered over 16,400 views and a plethora of comments from fans.

Some of his followers wanted to know what variety of cherry tree they should plant in their own garden.

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One Instagram user called @heidiundercanvas asked Alan: “Want to plant a cherry tree in a small garden, any recommendations? Thank you.”

The gardening expert recommended an “accolade” cherry tree.

Alan said: “‘Accolade’ is better for a small garden since it’s habit is less spreading.”

Another user wanted to know what variety the cherry tree was in the video.

Douglas MacGregor asked Alan: “What cherry is it Alan?

“I have a young accolade looking exactly the same – lovely colour.”

Alan replied: “This cherry is ‘Shirofugen’ which has double pink blossom.”

Shirofugen cherry trees are one of the last Japanese cherry trees to flower as they don’t bloom until late May or early June.

Meanwhile, the accolade cherry tree blooms in early April.

Shirofugen cherry trees are ornamental and grow best in full sun and can grow to be between five to 10 metres in height and width.

These cherry trees are often pot-grown so can be planted at any time of year but it’s best to protect them from strong winds.

Shirofugen cherry trees can be prone to pests such as caterpillars, leaf-mining moths and aphids and can be affected by diseases such as silver leaf, blossom wilt and bacterial canker.

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