Best houseplants for your kitchen – from peace lilies to aloe vera

Monty Don provides advice on watering houseplants

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Houseplants have continued to be popular over the last year, making a vibrant addition to kitchen decor. It’s been found that houseplants have great health benefits and can even suppress a person’s sympathetic nervous system, meaning that they both lower blood pressure and calm stress. From Venus fly traps to peace lilies, there’s plenty of choice for homeowners looking to add some houseplants to their home.

Wren Kitchens have collated a list of houseplants for kitchens which perfect for everyone’s aesthetic and horticultural knowledge.

Best plants for the kitchen:

1. Aloe Vera

A popular choice among homeowners, this easy care houseplant offers many benefits.

The plant looks great on a windowsill and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe Vera has benefits for the skin and can either soothe burns.

Just pinch off a leaf and squeeze out the gel substance before then spreading it on a burn.

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The plant loves bright light and doesn’t like being overwatered.

Ensure the plant dries out before watering it.

2. Spider plant

Spider plants are characterised by the vertical stripes on their leaves.

The plant can be placed on top of cabinets or can be put in hanging baskets.

These plants love bright light and can also survive low light in many different temperatures.

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These plants love well-drained soil and dislike being waterlogged.

3. Venus fly trap

These plants look great, take up minimal space and trap flies – making it a perfect plant for the kitchen.

Place this plant by the kitchen or where flies tend to congregate and watch them get snapped up by the plant.

Venus fly traps need watering with filtered or bottled water to thrive.

4. Herbs

Herbs offer greenery to your kitchen, a divine scent and flavour to dishes.

Some herbs are easier to look after than others.

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For bright kitchens, choose basil and rosemary.

Darker kitchens with low light will be better suited to parsley, mint and chives.

5. String of pearls

These hanging plants are really on trend at the moment and can really add dimension and colour to a kitchen space.

The plants look great placed on shelving and can even help to camouflage wires and sockets.

String of pearls are easy to care for which means they’re ideal for beginner houseplant owners.

They only need to be watered when the soil dries out.

6. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are known for breaking down toxic gases and purifying the air.

They are pretty and make a great centre piece for kitchen islands and dining tables.

They prefer direct sunlight and will droop when they need water.

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