‘Cheap and effective’ homemade weed killer ideal for ‘sunny, warm days’

How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

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Tackling weeds can become a seemingly never-ending task and one that becomes even more difficult if you don’t want to use chemical-based weed killers in your garden. Though homemade weed killers are unlikely to kill off the roots of a plant for good, they can be a quick fix in the summer months.

In fact, the solution to a “cheap and effective” weed killer could be tucked away in your kitchen cupboard.

According to Reddit users in a forum dedicated to eliminating weeds, a mixture of vinegar, Epsom salt and dish soap can be used to get rid of pesky plants.

User Kelbel2525 said: “It will kill anything you spray it on.

“Just mix and spray in the morning, after the dew has evaporated.”

A second user, named ManyPotential3003 said: “I use a similar mixture on the weeds around my house and can confirm that it works.

“Once the weed is sprayed, I haven’t noticed that it grows back.

“I use 10 percent vinegar from the hardware store, and go around and spray the few weeds that pop up here and there.

“Sunny, warm days are the best days to use this mixture.

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“After a few hours the weeds are noticeably affected; the leaves are shrivelled and discoloured.”

Vinegar is often hailed as a weed killer, though it is important to only spray the solution on the specific plants you want to kill.

The high acidity of vinegar can also kill off any surrounding plants and flowers.

The acetic acid in vinegar works to dehydrate the weed, which in turn becomes dry and crispy.

According to experts from Birds and Blooms: “The dish soap helps to break down the outer coat of the plant (cuticle), which helps that vinegar to work best.”

Epsom salt works to kill weeds because of the high concentration of magnesium sulphate.

When you introduce magnesium sulphate to plants, you prevent the plant from taking in other essential nutrients such as calcium.

However, experts from Plants Heaven recommend using Epsom salt with care.

They said: “Generally, Epsom salt kills weeds because it gets absorbed by the weeds, and thus, the growth cycle is disrupted.

“Even though Epsom salt can kill weedy plants, it is not recommended for long-term use as it can negatively affect plant soil.”

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