Christmas tree: Tips to avoid tree ‘drying out’ before Christmas Day – how much to water

Christmas tree: Expert shares advice on caring for trees

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Fresh Christmas trees are favoured by many people all over the country. However, they do need to be looked after in order to stay alive as long as possible. This includes keeping it away from heat sources as well as watering it regularly.

Speaking to, one expert shared top tips on looking after your festive tree.

Samantha Jones, Gardening Expert at MyJobQuote explained: “Your Christmas tree will last much longer if you always make sure it has enough water. 

“If you don’t give it enough water, this can cause resin to form which can prevent the tree from absorbing enough water and will ultimately lead to it drying out.

“Measure the diameter of the trunk and for every inch, fill the base with one litre of water. 

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“Christmas trees start to die as they dry out. 

“Not only can they begin to look unsightly, but the needles will start dropping off very quickly. 

“This can be extremely annoying in the home. 

“To prevent your tree from drying out quickly, keep it away from any heat sources.”

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Heat sources include a fireplace or radiator.

Samantha added: “Make sure to always keep it watered.”

Christmas trees can drink up to two pints of water each day and it is important to keep track of this.

As well as keeping the tree topped up on water, misting it regularly can also help to keep it hydrated.

Experts also recommend allowing the tree to get a couple hours of daylight each day.

One problem that Christmas trees face is dropping their needles too soon.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) explained that this can happen if they are too hot.

The RHS said: “Christmas trees are generally problem-free indoors, but will lose their needles quickly if placed too close to a source of heat, or if water dries up in the well of the stand.

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“Christmas trees grown in pots may only live for a few years, as they are not naturally suited to ongoing pot cultivation.”

Those who have opted for LED lights may find that their tree lasts longer than those who do not.

This is because LED lights are more efficient and do not give off as much heat as standard ones.

Those using standard lights may find out that their tree is drying out quicker than if they were to opt for an LED set.

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