Cleaning decking – How to get your garden decking spring-ready in 3 easy steps

Gardeners' World offer advice on the 'best way' to clean decking

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Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to turn your attention to the jobs you might have been neglecting over the winter. Your decking might currently be hiding under dirt, moss, algae and fallen leaves. If you want to get your decking ready for spring, it’s time to get your decking cleaned up and refreshed. Here’s how to clean your decking in three simple steps.

Particularly after a harsh winter, and following some savage weather over the past few weeks, your decking will be begging for a spruce up.

Dirt, mould and other signs of damage are likely to be sitting on the surface of your decking.

If your decking has taken a bit of a battering, you may also need to refinish the wood after you’ve cleaned it.

To check if your decking needs a new finish, pour water on the surface.

If the water doesn’t sit on the surface in visible beads, it might be time for a refinish.

First though, time to get cleaning.

Here’s how to clean your decking in just three steps.

1 – Sweep any dirt

Start by just sweeping off any loose dirt from the surface of your decking.

If you skip this step, once the decking gets wet you’ll just be pushing dirt around on the surface – leaving it just as dirty as when you started.

2 – Wash any stains, mould, moss and algae

To wash your decking you should buy a specialist decking cleaner to get rid of anything growing on your decking, without damaging the wood.

Follow the instructions on your cleaning product and apply it to your decking.

Most can be wiped on using a cloth, but for particularly stubborn stains you might need to use a brush to really scrub the solution in.

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3 – Refresh the decking’s stain

After you’ve cleaned the decking and let it dry, you can use decking oil to protect it from the elements and make it look like new again.

This will make the colour much more vibrant, which will be beautiful on a sunny spring afternoon.

Apply two coats for better waterproofing and a stronger colour.

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