Crucial orchid task to do now for bigger and more beautiful blooms next year

Orchids: Expert shares tips for looking after plant

Orchids are a prized household plant due to how easy they are to take care of, but this time of year can cause a lot of plant owners to panic as orchid flowers will fall off and it can appear as if the flower is dying.

Orchid flowers are likely falling off as the plant has finished blooming. The orchid is likely about to enter hibernation, but it is still very much alive. 

One gardening expert has warned houseplant owners not to throw their orchids away and that now is the perfect time to prune your orchid to make sure you get bigger and more frequent blooms in the near future. 

Tanner Mitchell is a gardener and florist who owns a garden centre Famous in Oregon. He has become highly popular online by sharing his expertise on the best way to take care of flowers. 

He has said “don’t panic” if the flower petals suddenly begin falling off an orchid as it is easily taken care of. In an online video, Tanner explained: “While these orchids are in flower, there’s no need to fertilise. However, when the flowers fall off, it’s not dead but this is the time to resume fertilising.”

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How to prune an orchid

When all the flowers have fallen off an orchid, it is time to begin pruning. Examine the orchid carefully and take off any leaves that appear dead, dry, or decaying. 

Tanner explained that pruning back the base of an orchid can help encourage growth. He said: “Once the flowers have all expired, you want to follow this bloom stem all the way down and cut it right near the base of the orchid.

“Now, you don’t have to do this, sometimes people leave the stems on. Usually, when the last flower falls off,  the entire bloom stem will brown up and die.”

“But it doesn’t always die. It’s perfectly fine to leave it on if that’s what you prefer. You have the possibility of more orchid branches coming off and continuing to flower off the same stem.”

Tanner suggests for bigger blooms, cut the bloom cycle all the way back in between an orchid’s bloom cycle, which will keep it healthier and stronger. 

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@tannertheplanter Orchids can be one of the easiest houseplants to grow, provided you have bright light. With a few tips and tricks you’ll be a confident orchid grower. Also, make sure to use an orchid-specificfertilizer. #planttips #orchids #plantpeople ♬ original sound – Tanner Mitchell

In Tanner’s comment section, many plant owners thank him for his helpful advice, as it has helped them keep their orchids beautiful.

One person wrote: “I got my first orchid today and this was so helpful!” 

Another user said: “Thank you, The timing could not have been better as I just bought an orchid and didn’t know why it was already dying.” 

However, one disappointed houseplant owner had already thrown out their orchid. They commented: “Oh so I should have thrown my orchid out! I’ve bought a new one and now know what to do, thank you!” 

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