David Domoney’s ‘spectacular’ bush for autumn colour – ‘takes your breath away’

David Domoney shows off his 'Smoke Bush' in autumn

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Chartered horticulturist and gardener David Domoney shared a video on his Instagram account of the incredible plant. David co-presents ITV’s Love Your Garden alongside Alan Titchmarsh. He also often appears on ITV’s This Morning to share his gardening tips and tricks.

David posted a caption with the video which read: “My Cotinus (Smoke Bush) is looking tremendous this autumn.”

The gardening expert said the plant takes his breath away in the autumn months.

He said in the video: “During the autumn months, there are some plants that absolutely take your breath away.

“Now, I’ve got a smoke tree – which is a Cotinus.

“It’s got oval-type leaves, it grows into quite a large shrub and then during the summer months it has very unusual clusters of almost twig-like flowers. All are together in one big form and it looks as if the plant is smoking.

“Hence the term, the smoke bush.

“But during the autumn, it’s absolutely on fire.

“Just take a look at this! Magnificent oval leaves with so many different shades of burnt orange and red and yellow.

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“It’s totally spectacular. Cotinus or the smoke tree.

“Try one in your own garden.”

The deciduous shrub can be planted outdoors in the autumn from September to November.

It will grow one to two feet per year but is mildly toxic to humans.

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Some plants reach around 4m x 4m but there are smaller ones.

The plant loves full sun and blooms in late spring to mid summer.

They like well-drained and fertile soil and can either be put in the ground or in pots.

The bush is also drought-tolerant so it’s a good plant for hot summers and gardeners who forget to water.

Some varieties of smoke bushes range from apple green to purple.

However, all of them turn yellow, red, orange and scarlet in the autumn months.

Smoke bushes don’t need a lot of pruning but you can cut them back to make them bushier.

After pruning, ensure you add mature or lead mould.

If you don’t prune them much, ensure they get a good helping of food in the spring.

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