‘Don’t kill your orchid with kindness’: Plant expert shares ‘key’ to watering orchids

Orchids: Expert shares tips for looking after plant

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Orchids can be tricky customers when it comes to watering and care. It can be tempting to drown them in water when they look unhappy but this could cause more harm than good. Gardening expert and author Ellen Mary has shared her tips for watering orchids.

Ellen, who presents The Plant Based Podcast said orchid owners should try not to “kill orchids with kindness”.

She explained: “Don’t overwater it, that’s the key.

“We always kill houseplants, including orchids, with kindness.

“A little less water I would say and I only water mine once every two weeks, if that.”

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Rather than watering, orchid owners can mist their plants if their room is particularly dry.

However, this should not be done too often.

Ellen explained: “Occasionally I will spritz them with some water spray and I never let them sit in the water.

“I will water them and let the water drain all the way through so it’s gone and put them back into its outer pot.

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“Occasionally I might mist it. If you’re in a really dry home, it can be useful but not too often.

“Don’t kill your orchid with kindness, basically.”

One of the best ways to water an orchid is to do it in a sink.

Lukewarm water is better than freezing cold or distilled water.

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Water the plant in the sink and then allow the plant to drain for around 15 minutes.

This allows the potting mix to dry out and not retain too much moisture.

Overwatering an orchid can lead to root rot and could eventually kill the plant.

Don’t allow the plant to sit in water in its decorative pot.

Orchids need drainage to survive as they normally live on trees in the wild.

They love humid and tropical environments and will absorb moisture in the atmosphere.

Ellen’s first book The Joy of Gardening: The Everyday Zen of Mowing the Lawn was published in May 2021.

Her second book, How to Grow a Garden: From balconies to Back Garden Plots, the Complete Guide to a Thriving Outdoor Space, is due to be published later this year.

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