‘Fast and effective’ way to get rid of ants naturally – ‘eradicates ants within a week’

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Gardeners are likely to be tidying up their gardens in the next few weeks, ready for the next few summer months ahead. But while plants and flowers may be starting to blossom, vegetable and garden pests may be licking their lips, particularly ants. Ants can cause mayhem not only in homes, but in gardens too. According to experts at Fantastic Pest Control, household ingredients can be used to “eradicates ants within a week”.

The pest control experts claimed that there are two reasons for ants infesting gardens – either for shelter or food.

They said: “When your garden is inhabited by a mass of ants, this means that you have bigger problems – the insects are simply the messengers. 

“They may show that you have sap-sacking insects in your garden. These may be aphids, mites, scales, whiteflies, and mealybugs.

“Knowing how to get rid of ants in the grass will spare you the need to use pesticides.”

Here are a few natural pest control methods that will remove the insects from gardens, without inflicting more damage.

For “severe” cases of ants in gardens, the experts advised using borax and sugar to get rid of ants “fast and effectively”.

They said: “For more severe cases, it’s good to know how to kill ant nests in lawns fast and effectively. 

“You can use a combination of borax and sugar. It eradicates ants within a week.”

Mix borax and sugar to create a gel and drop small pieces near the ant nest in the lawn and close to the ant trails.

The worker ants will eat some of the mixtures as the sugar attracts them. 

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They will also take the rest of it to the nest for the queen and other ants. The boric acid will kill the ants after some time. 

The experts added: “This borax mixture is safe for applying around the garden and plants, however, beware that it is toxic to both humans and animals.”

White vinegar can also be used to get rid of ants in the garden.

The pest gurus said: “A five percent concentration of distilled white vinegar exterminates ants without damaging the grass. 

“It kills these insects as ants can’t stand the low pH acidic ingredients of white vinegar.”

Gardeners need only pour one litre of this type of vinegar into the ant nest to destroy it.

Orange peels are very useful when dealing with an ant infestation.

Believe it or not, they are deadly to ants, according to experts.

They explained: “The organic components they contain are toxic to the favourite meal of ants – fungi. 

“Since ants will search for fungi, if they can’t find them, they will choose another garden.” 

Collect the peels from the oranges you have eaten and spread them in and around the garden.

For those looking for a free way to kill ants, they can use boiling water.

Most gardeners know how to get rid of ants naturally without damaging their plants.

They pour boiling water to exterminate them after locating as many entrances to the nest as they can.

Therefore gardeners can apply boiling water to the nest entrances repeatedly until they kill all ants.

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