Five lawn ‘mistakes’ to ‘avoid’ this weekend to prevent permanent ‘damage’

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Caring for the lawn all year round is important, but making a conscious effort when the weather is warm is crucial, according to experts at Anchor Pumps, a supplier of garden water pumps.

1. Avoid daily watering

Like any plant in the garden, the lawn also needs water to survive and it can be tempting to water it daily, but this is best avoided.

The experts said: “Frequent watering results in shallow roots and makes grass more susceptible to heat damage. Striking a balance between hydration and avoiding overwatering is crucial.

“Water two to three times a week, ideally between the hours of 6am and 10am.” This gives the lawn the full day to dry out, making sure it doesn’t evaporate.

To water the lawn, simply use a watering can with a rose head or use a sprinkler, although this could end up with wasting a lot of water.

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2. Ignoring the signs of dehydration

Gardeners are being advised to keep an eye on the grass’s colour, looking out for any changes and acting upon them.

A blue tinted or grey tinted lawn indicates it is severely dehydrated and Britons should immediately water their grass.

Not watering the lawn straight away could result in further damage, according to the experts, so make sure to get the watering can out as soon as possible.

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3. Not doing the screwdriver test

The experts explained: “Use a six inch screwdriver to determine the right watering duration. If the soil is healthy, the screwdriver will penetrate easily.

“If it doesn’t generate easily, additional watering is needed,” making sure to avoid this during the hottest hours of the day.

It is recommended to perform the screwdriver test in multiple locations across the garden to assess the overall health of the garden.

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4. Overwatering the lawn

The pros continued: “Mushrooms in the lawn indicate excessive moisture. Adjust the watering routine over time based on different factors.

“This includes factors like soil composition, grass type and local weather patterns.”

5. Avoid mowing

During extreme heat, gardeners should avoid mowing their lawn altogether as the grass will be trying to recover from the heat or a potential drought.

The optimum time to begin mowing again is in cooler temperatures, ideally after a rainfall, waiting for it to completely dry before getting the mower out.

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