From Flights Turning Around to Bathroom Woes, 6 Celebrity Travel Nightmare Stories We Can Relate To

The Welsh actor was stuck in an Atlanta airport for six hours because of snow delays two years ago, he tells PEOPLE.

“It wasn’t the most pleasant way to start my holiday season,” he says. But, Evans was able to entertain himself by having a cold one and snapping some creative selfies.

“I was just watching the snow fall and having a Stella Artois,” the beer brand ambassador recalls. (He’s also teamed up with the brand to make sure others get an upgrade this holiday travel season and don’t face a similar fate.) “I took some abstract pictures of the lounge, took selfies, and did a lot of FaceTime chatting to friends and family.”


The power couple spent over 8 hours trapped on an All Nippon Airways Tokyo-bound flight in 2017 before they landed where they first began: Los Angeles. The plane made a U-turn 4 hours into the 11-hour trip after discovering that one of its 226 passengers had boarded the wrong flight.

“A flying first for me . . . we are turning around because we have a passenger who isn’t supposed to be on this plane. Why…why do we all gotta go back, I do not know,” Teigen shared in a series of live tweets detailing her journey.

The Watch What Happens Live host found himself in a similar situation to Teigen and Legend in August, when his Delta Airlines flight to Nice, France, had to turn around midway due to a broken toilet after leaving New York’s J.F.K. Airport.

Cohen and good friend Bruce Bozzi documented the entire incident on his Instagram Stories as the Real Housewives executive producer told followers, “How’s this? We were two hours outside of Europe, somebody pooped or put something down the toilet that didn’t go and broke the toilets. We had to turn around to fix the f— toilet.”

Cohen jokingly added: “To the person on the Delta flight to Nice that put a foreign object down the toilet … tell me who you are because we’re going to find you … I think they should sacrifice themselves at the beginning of the flight.”

When the actress boarded a plane last year with daughter Kaya Evdokia, she ended up having to clean up after the 2-year-old… in the airplane’s bathroom.

“Aaaand then ur daughter pees on the floor of the airplane bathroom,” Panettiere wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of her and Kaya crouched down in the tiny space with paper towels.

In 2015, the actress was traveling with her then-boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin, and model Bella Hadid when the trio’s plane seemingly taxied into a fence, causing a 12-hour delay.

“A model, my handsome boy, and the freak in the middle … Hmm,” Thorne captioned a shot of the three of them reclining in large arm chairs while striking goofy poses. “What to do when your plane crashes into a fenced wall and you have 12 hours to kill at the airport?”

Hemsworth opened up to Ellen Degeneres in 2015 about a disasterous 30-hour flight from Australia to London — with all three of his kids in tow.

“It was kinda like the trip from hell,” the Australian actor said. “They were all sick and literally took it in turns to scream. Like one would kind of do it and look over and say, ‘I’m done you want a turn?’ And the whole cabin…wanted to kick us off.”

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