Garden expert shares natural methods to ‘repel’ slugs ‘without using pesticides’

Gardening expert details natural ways to deal with slugs

Slugs have a habit of eating some of our favourite garden plants and all their parts including the flowers and stems.

Slugs are most active at night and on cloudy or foggy days so it’s likely gardeners will miss slugs when they make most of their damage.

With this in mind, Robert Collins from, the UK’s leading trades matching site, has shared five natural ways to deter slugs from eating plants.

Robert exclusively shared with that there are “several ways” to get rid of slugs without using harsh chemicals.

1. Use plants

There are actually some plants that can deter slugs and stop them attacking other plants.

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Robert said: “There are some plants that can deter slugs. This is a great way of keeping slugs away without using pesticides.

“Astrantia gives off a strong smell that can repel slugs. Some other plants that can repel slugs include rue, wormwood, anise, fennel, and rosemary.”

2. Remove shelters

Slugs will seek out shelters under garden furniture, bricks, and logs. Gardeners can deter slugs by removing any potential shelters that will leave them exposed to natural predators.

Making gardens less suitable for slugs will deter them while also encouraging natural predators such as hedgehogs and toads.

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3. Make a beer trap

This is a well-known, natural method that drowns slugs. Gardeners can create a beer trap by burying half a container of beer near the plants that the slugs are eating.

Slugs are attracted to the scent of beer and will follow the smell, fall into the trap, get stuck and drown.

4. Create a prickly barrier

Robert explained that slugs have soft bodies, so prickly barriers are “great for deterring them”.

He continued: “Use things like pine needles, crushed egg shells, and any thorny cuts to create a barrier around your plants.

“Sharp sand is also effective for this. Just make sure that whatever you use won’t affect the quality of the soil.”

5. Use a natural trap

Gardeners can create a “natural trap” for slugs by placing something like dried cat food or old lettuce leaves in a damp, shaded area in the garden.

The bait will attract a large number of slugs which gardeners can scoop up and move elsewhere.

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