Gardeners urged to take ‘extra care’ of their lawn in the heat

How and when to use lawn feeds and treatments

Steven Taylor, technical expert at Greenthumb, explained: “Although we’ve all been dreaming of a heatwave for seemingly months on end, the extra summer sun can bring some disastrous effects to your garden.

“A combination of extreme heat and lack of rain can stop your lawn growing, make it turn brown and appear patchy and worn, not the ideal summer BBQ location.

“Anyone with a garden needs to ensure they take extra care of their lawn during these extremely warm temperatures, especially when it’s such an intense heatwave.”

One of the “best” ways to keep the grass healthy throughout the summer is to make sure you are mowing “correctly”. If the grass is dry and not growing, the expert advised against mowing.

This is because further stress on the grass blades can “weaken” it and make it more “vulnerable”.

The expert added: “If, however, there is some growth or tufts growing here and there, then only trim the tops of the lead. Try to keep the height to 50mm from the ground.”

A consistent watering plan is also crucial and can help the lawn stay looking “luscious” throughout the summer months.

Steven explained: “Harvesting rainwater or greywater is the most sustainable way to protect your garden without undue demand on limited resources. 

“I’d recommend watering your lawn for 20 minutes at a time early in the morning or late in the evening.

“If you do use a sprinkler, then a timer will ensure you water consistently and much more efficiently than by hand.”

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“Keep a close eye on how your garden looks and ensure you’re consistently de-weeding and caring for your lawn.

“If anything looks out of the ordinary or you suspect your lawn could be in trouble, get in touch with a professional for a more thorough inspection.

“Creating and maintaining a healthy lawn is rewarding, especially during a heatwave when you and the family can really enjoy it. 

“Make sure to follow these three simple steps and you’ll be able to relax in a truly beautiful outdoor space this summer.”

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