Gardening: ‘Easy’ ways to tackle weeds in the garden and driveway – job to do now

Gardening expert demonstrates how to get rid of weeds

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Garden weeds can be a problem all year round, but spring often brings a warmer climate, meaning more weeds can appear. It is often best to remove weeds as soon as they appear as well as take preventative measures to make sure they don’t return. One expert has shared how gardeners can remove weeds without having to “tug hard”.

Samantha Jones, gardening expert at, told “Wear gardening gloves to protect your hands and grab weeds by the base, so you remove both the top and the roots.

“Weeds grow quickly and choke plants, so tackle them as soon as they appear.

“Their roots will be shorter too, making them easy to pull up.

“Loosening the soil with a hoe should help loosen larger weeds, saving you from having to tug hard.”

If weeds are ignored, they could spread or set seed, causing bigger problems later down the line.

They can also be hoed as well as scraped out of the ground.

Gardeners’ World explained: “Hoe over bare areas of soil weekly to sever weed roots and create a dry surface that helps prevent weed seeds from germinating.

“Choose a dry day, so that the weeds on the surface dehydrate, wither and die.”

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Scraping them out is just as easy, and it can be done so on weeds such as dandelions or meadow grass.

Gardeners’ World added: “Tease them out, roots and all. You could also apply a residual path weedkiller afterwards, to prevent further weed growth.”

One expert recommended pouring boiling water over weeds to “instantly” kill them.

Speaking to, Genna Lorraine, gardening expert at Fantastic Services, explained: “Pouring boiling water on weeds can instantly kill them, as well as any seeds that may be dormant in the soil.

“It’s brilliant for walkways, garden paths, and driveways, but not lawns.”

If there is a recurring problem with weeds in the garden, gardeners may have to opt for a systemic weed killer.

It can be sprayed or dabbed onto the dry leaves when the weather is bright, and no rain is forecasted.

Spring officially begins this month which means there are lots of jobs for gardeners to prepare their outdoor spaces for the warmer weather.

As well as removing weeds, mowing the lawn may also be on the cards for many.

Samantha Jones explained: “March is a great time to start aerating your lawn, ready for the growing season.

“You can do this with a gardening fork.

“Making sure your mower is serviced and ready to go is a good idea too.

“Sharp blades are kinder to your tender grass shoots. If the grass is long and there is no frost you can start to mow, but keep blades high so it isn’t cut too short.”

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