Gardening expert on how to ‘eliminate’ weeds from patios using herbicide ‘alternatives’

Envirobond: How to remove weeds from your Paving stone joints

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Weeds around paving stones and on patios can make a garden look untidy. If weeds are not removed properly from paving stones, they can continue to grow back for years. Now, one expert has shared how to naturally “eliminate” weeds from patios and paving stones.

The expert from Envirobond explained in a 2018 video that to prevent weeds from returning, gardeners need to ensure the entire “rooting system” is removed.

The weed expert said: “I’ll outline how to get rid of existing weeds and prevent new weeds from growing.

“Before you can prevent future weeds, you need to get rid of the existing ones.

“To do this, you’ll first have to remove large existing weeds by hand.”

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Removing weeds by hand may sound like hard work but this is one of the most effective methods for weed removal.

Gardeners can use a hand trowel, garden fork or their own gloved hand.

“Be sure to get the entire rooting system,” the expert added.

“Use a screwdriver for any difficult ones.”

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To remove any weed debris from the paving joints, gardeners should use a pressure washer.

The expert explained: “Pressure wash to remove the existing jointing material debris.

“Be sure that all existing material is cleared out.

“Use precaution when nearing the bedding layer under the stones.”

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Next, it’s time to use a natural herbicide to remove any existing roots.

It may be tempting to use a chemical weed killer but this could damage the surrounding environment, making it difficult for other plants to grow.

The expert continued: “Apply an environmentally-friendly herbicide to eliminate any surviving weed roots.

“Alternatives to over-the-counter herbicides include boiling water or vinegar.”

Gardeners should allow the surface to dry and avoid leaving joints empty for more than 24 hours.

Vinegar and dish soap mixed together can be used to kill weeds.

Mix the solution in a spray bottle to create your own weed killer.

The acetic acid in vinegar reportedly removes water from the weed and dries it out.

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