Gardening expert shares jobs to do in February to ‘prepare for spring’

Homebase reveals what to do in your garden in February

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February is just around the corner which means Britons are one step closer to spring. While February may seem too cold for gardening, there are actually plenty of jobs keen gardeners can be getting on with next month. From planting spring bulbs to cutting back plants, preparing vegetable beds and more, there’s plenty to be getting on with.

The garden experts at Homebase have shared their top February garden tips.

The experts said although it’s “chilly in February”, gardeners can get out into the garden and start “preparing for spring”.

They said: “Cut back the foliage and ornamental grasses and herbaceous plants for fresh growth in the spring.

“Plant lily and allium bulbs for some bold blooms next year.

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“Plant bare-root roses which will establish quickly in flower in their first year.

“Prune your hedges before birds start making nests in them.”

February is also a good time to prepare vegetable beds for planting by removing any weeds and digging in five centimetres of chicken manure.

It will then need fertilising as required.

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Gardeners can also start chitting potatoes in February.

Chitting is when gardeners encourage seed potatoes to sprout before planting.

Gardeners can start chitting now if they live in a warmer region of the country.

Those in cooler areas should begin in February – around six weeks before the potatoes intended to be planted.

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The experts explained further: “Begin chitting seed potatoes.

“You can do this by placing them in an egg box in the light.

“Stop when the shoots get to about three centimetres.”

Gardeners can also check the pH value of their soil now if they don’t know what it is.

Most soils have a pH of between 3.5 and 10 but this can depend on how much rainfall a garden gets.

“This will help you pick the right plant varieties for your garden,” said the experts.

February is also a good time to plant a climber against any wall.

Climbers can be planted against a shed or garage that might need to be covered up.

The experts added: “Divide bulb sets and replant the divisions to make your existing bulbs more productive and to gain additional plants.”

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