Gardening: ‘Vital’ tip to help fruit trees flourish this summer – and how to prune them

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There are many fruit trees gardeners can grow including apple and peaches, which helps to provide fresh fruit as well as feed and protect local wildlife. They can also brighten up gardens, with gorgeous bright fruits. Experts at GardeningExpress have shared top tips on how gardeners can grow them this spring.

They explained: “Consider your garden space…some fruit trees are larger than others. If you have a lot of garden space then you could probably plant a classic orchid tree like apples and pears.

“If your garden is on the smaller side then consider patio and dwarf size versions.

“You’re going to be taking care of your fruit tree for years so make sure you’re growing a variety that you and your family actually like and will hopefully make use of.”

According to the experts, popular varieties in the UK include apple and citrus trees.

However, for those looking to be more adventurous, GardeningExpress recommended opting for apricot trees.

They added: “Pick the perfect location to plant it…how well your tree grows will largely depend on where you decide to plant it.

“The weather conditions that your tree will need will come down to what variety you decide to grow so it’s important to do your research.

“Generally, you’ll want a partly sheltered spot that gets a lot of sun during the day and when you first plant it, use a stake to hold up the tree until its roots develop.”

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Within the first couple of years of owning the tree, watering will be “vital” according to the experts.

Gardeners should aim to keep both the roots and soil moist.

Having well watered roots can help to promote rapid growth above ground.

GardeningExpress continued: “Use a fertiliser if you need to. If you feel like your trees need a bit of help, there’s no harm in giving them some balanced fertiliser.

“Although, they don’t need it so if you don’t give any, don’t worry.

“Pruning is also very important. Your tree will need light pruning as much as possible to keep it in good shape.

“You want to prevent branches from crossing over one as this will block out the light.

“Ideally, you want to aim for a goblet shape so that the sunlight can hit every part of the tree.”

The experts also recommended keeping birds away if possible.

This is because birds can ruin them by eating the fruits they produce.

Chris Bonnett from GardeningExpress said: “Fruit trees are a great addition to the garden, they can really brighten up your outdoor space.

“Like gardening in general, they can be really rewarding when the trees finally come into fruition and you see all of the bright and beautiful fruit growing.

“A lot of people may not realise how important it is to prune fruit trees. We do this so that the tree doesn’t become too overcrowded and start blocking the sun from reaching other branches.

“It’s important that the sunlight can hit the whole tree. That’s why another crucial thing to consider is where you plant your tree. We always advise gardeners put some real thought into this, after all, it’s not like you can move the tree after.

“Of course some fruit trees are easier to grow than others, but we’re hoping some of these tips will help make the whole process easier for those looking into growing their own fruit trees.”

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