Get a First Look Inside The Bachelorette's JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers' Real-Life Fixer Upper

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers‘ Dallas home renovations are almost complete, and The Bachelorette couple are showing off their house flipping skills.

In a new video on their YouTube series, Engaged with JoJo & Jordan, which premieres on Kin Network and debuted exclusively with PEOPLE, the couple gives fans a first look inside their new Dallas abode.

“It was a dump,” Rodgers admits of his first impression of the house.

At first, Fletcher was going to purchase the home to flip it for profit, but she became so invested in the idea of fixing it up that it became personal.

“I love taking on projects,” Fletcher says in the video. “This house was abandoned. It was vandalized. There was asbestos in the home. It was just a train wreck.”

Initially, they say the house spanned around 1,200 square feet, had no windows intact, and the water heater was hanging from the ceiling.

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“The floor was so caved in it was like a trampoline,”  Rodgers says.

“But we did it,” Rodgers says.

“We haven’t done it yet,” Fletcher interjects.

Although there’s still a lot of work to be done, the couple has come a long way from the home’s starting point. They’ve expanded the floor plan to be three bedrooms, vaulted the living room ceilings, added shiplap, and gutted their kitchen to give the room an open concept with an enormous island.

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“This house was the worst house I’ve ever taken on—the worst house I’ve ever tried to remodel,” she says.

But now, they’re down to the fun portion of renovations: the creative, design-based part. In the video, Fletcher brings out a box of backsplash samples to show her fiancé. She explains that her initial approach to the kitchen was that it was going to be a “white, fresh, clean, and airy” space, and she would use simple white subway tile for the backsplash, but once she stepped into the new open room, it felt “too white.”

She shows Rodgers a few options for backsplash, including a gray tile he likens to “fish scales” and two hunter green ones. While Fletcher thinks they’re “too heavy,” Rodgers doesn’t really hate the idea of green. Then, Fletcher brings her mom on camera to show her fiancé the tile she really wants, a mermaid-shaped white backsplash.

“I already placed the order,” she admits.

And while her mom is excited to help her daughter pick out tile, it’s for a totally different reason.

“This is the best risk you have ever taken,” her mom says in the video. “I love it because I want you to be done with this. You’re living here and you’ve been roommates too much. Get out of my house.”

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In the end of the video, Fletcher and Rodgers ask their fans for design tips and the best place to purchase a rug, plus tease the “big reveal” of their completed space, which they’re hoping will be finished in the coming months.

Tune in to the Kin Network series Engaged with JoJo & Jordan on YouTube to see the full renovation.

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