‘Get results in a few hours’ – ‘Best’ homemade weed killer for ‘warm and sunny’ weather

How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

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During the sunnier months of summer, tackling weeds can become an increasingly difficult task, particularly if you prefer not to use chemical-based weed killers or pesticides in your garden. While homemade weed solutions might not kill off weeds at their root, they can be a quick fix during the summer months.

According to Reddit user PoppyLarceny, gardeners “will get results in a few hours” with a simple mixture of vinegar and dish soap.

The Reddit user advised a 30 percent vinegar works the best due to its high acidity.

Furthermore, the homemade weed killer is particularly fruitful on warm and sunny days, when temperatures help to turbocharge its effect on weeds.

The Reddit user explained: “It’s the best solution for me. Always works.

“Mix with dish soap. Apply vinegar when it’s warm and sunny out.

“You will get results in a few hours.

“Repeat once or twice during summer months, this will keep weeds under control.”

However, the user warned gardeners should always use gloves to protect their hands.

They said: “Don’t get 30 percent on your skin or you will be sorry.”

A second user, posting under the name ManyPotential3003 said: “I use a similar mixture on the weeds around my house and can confirm that it works.

“Once the weed is sprayed, I haven’t noticed that it grows back.

“I use 10 percent vinegar from the hardware store, and go around and spray the few weeds that pop up here and there.

“Sunny, warm days are the best days to use this mixture.”

“After a few hours the weeds are noticeably affected; the leaves are shrivelled and discoloured.”

Though some homemade hacks on the internet recommend using salt alongside vinegar to dehydrate weeds, PoppyLarceny warned this is “bad for the soil” and “will kill off any beneficial bugs and microbes”.

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Why does vinegar kill weeds?

The high percentage of acetic acid in vinegar works to suck out the water from the weeds.

According to gardening experts from Birds and Blooms, when used alongside vinegar, dish soap helps the acetic acid to penetrate the weed.

They explained: “The dish soap helps to break down the outer coat of the plant, which helps that vinegar to work best.”

When using vinegar to kill weeds, it is essential only to spray the solution on the specific plants you want to kill.

The high acidity of vinegar can also kill off any surrounding plants and flowers.

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