Get rid of pigeons from the garden instantly with four humane deterrents

Although pigeons themselves are harmless, they can cause quite a bit of damage to your property, and car, and may introduce disease-bearing mites or ticks into your home. spoke to Jordan Foster, a pest control expert at Fantastic Pest Control about how best to get rid of pigeons in your garden. 

Sings of pigeons in the garden:

  • Birds constantly make noise, especially young chicks
  • Nest-making materials are scattered throughout your premises
  • Bird droppings around the garden
  • Pigeon feathers and nest debris

How to get rid of pigeons: 

Keep an eye on the bird feeders 

Jordan said: “Pigeons are known as the type of bird that does not share. After you fill your bird feeders, they will arrive promptly and scare off the smaller birds, stealing whatever they can fit into their beaks.” 

Use a hose to spray them

He explained: “If you can catch the feathered intruders before they start building nests, this will be a deterrent. 

“When you see them encroaching on your territory, spray them with the hose to scare them away. You can also buy an automatic water jet to keep pesky birds away from the garden.” 

Use an ultrasonic bird repellent 

The expert added: “Another harmless solution is ultrasonic bird repellent. Birds are driven away from a distance using sound waves. In quiet areas where noisy methods aren’t an option, ultrasonic systems are a great alternative.” 

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Use reflective surfaces

Jordan commented: “ You can keep birds out of your garden by using reflective surfaces such as CDs and other shiny objects that reflect sunlight. 

“Reflective surfaces can temporarily impair pigeons’ vision, causing them to avoid your deck or garden.” 

Use a wind chime 

He revealed: “A wind chime can discourage pigeons from nesting on your property. These chimes usually have reflective objects that prevent pigeons from landing.” 

If you’re not confident you can deter pigeons from your garden safely and effectively, you can call the experts to help. 

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Fantastic Pest Control survey the area by sending a pest controller to inspect the property using a drone camera to determine what exactly attracts the birds to your place. The exterminator will identify the level of infestation and where the affected areas are.

Then, the pigeon control specialist will install nets and/or spikes all over the roof of your property. Also, they can apply a special “fire” gel on outdoor surfaces, which is used to repel birds. As birds see ultraviolet light, the “fire gel” appears to them as flame and keeps them away from the building.

Depending on the service you booked, your technician can return to your property upon request within a period of three months.

At the end of the service, the specialist will even offer you some useful advice on how to avoid future problems with pigeons and will give you a copy of the report for the service.

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