Houseplants: Watering hack that ‘absolutely transforms’ your indoor plant costs just £1

Houseplants: RHS advises on watering techniques

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Houseplants can be tricky to look after in the summer months, especially when it comes to watering. Now, Hollie Newton, Sproutl’s chief creative officer, has shared her houseplant care tips exclusively with, including an incredible watering hack which she said will “absolutely transform” the life of a houseplant. Hollie, who also discussed Sproutl’s new houseplant range called The Palm House Collection, said it’s important to allow new houseplants in your home to “acclimatise”.

She said: “When you bring home a plant, and it says it wants light, it’s quite a good idea to put it in a spot and over a few days move it into its permanent home.

“They like to acclimatise.”

Once the plant is in a happy spot and is acclimatised, they shouldn’t be moved.

This can make the plant “very stressed”.

However, if the plant immediately starts “dying” in a spot, it should be moved elsewhere.

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Houseplants also need to have their leaves regularly dusted and cleaned to remove any build up.

This can help the plant to photosynthesise more effectively.

She explained: “All plants like to have their leaves dusted.

“You can get gloves, a slightly damp cloth. It really, really helps them.

“When they get covered, they can’t photosynthesise properly.”

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When it comes to watering, Hollie advised investing in a mister bottle which can be purchased for as little as £1.

The gardening expert also shared how to use the “finger test” for watering plants.

She said: “Get a mister – the little spritzer bottles. That will absolutely transform the life of a houseplant because they do like humidity.

“Each one [plant] will have its own watering guide. Usually, it’s the finger test.

“You pop your finger into the top and is it moist but not wet but not dry – that’s really what you’re looking for. And try and water from underneath.”

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A plant mister from Sproutl costs £6.99.

Sanctuary Green Planter Mister costs £8 from Dunelm.

Sainsbury’s Home Sprayer costs just £2.25.

Wilko Trigger Sprayer is just £1.

The gardening expert also said indoor plants should not be positioned near an open fireplace or wood burner.

She added: “And really, not many plants like being near a radiator.

“It just sucks that moisture out of the air.”

Hollie said with rare and statement plants, houseplant enthusiasts should “carefully” read the care advice, even before buying.

She said: “If you’re worried, read that before you buy it because there will be one that’s perfect for your conditions.”

The gardening expert also suggested putting an alert into a calendar on your phone to remember to feed your houseplants.

“They do like a feed now and again, it really helps them,” she added.

Sproutl’s new plant range is an exciting, co-curated plant range from The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Sproutl.

The new Kew x Sproutl collection includes seven stunning plants that are inspired by Kew Garden’s Palm House.

Some of the plants in the collection include the banana tree “dwarf cavendish”, the pygmy date palm and alocasia regal shields which has almost black leaves with a velvet texture.

The Palm House collection – which includes architectural masterpieces and rare collectable pieces – allows homeowners to add a touch of Kew into their own homes.

The houseplant collection is perfect for rooms big and small, with houseplants ranging from 45cm to 165cm with leaf spans of up to three metres.

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