How long do cut peonies last? The foolproof hack to make them last longer

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Peonies tend to sprout annually in the warmer months, around summer. As such, they can brighten homes during the longest days and work best when scattered around in vases. The only drawback of cutting them is lifespan, as they can wilt quickly.

How long do cut peonies last?

Peonies bloom bright and vibrant, but that energy tends to run out quickly.

They start their lifecycle in April and can last until early June.

But most types of peony thrive in May, whether of the herbaceous, flowered or tree type.

Their longevity depends on how people treat them before and after they develop.

Those who dedicate relatively little to the blossoms will find they don’t last a week.

Florists find peony bouquets survive between six and 10 days at a time.

Peonies could last much longer with the correct type of care, however.

How to make peonies last longer

Experts recommend people start by unpacking any peonies when they arrive as buds.

Discarding packaging will ensure the plants stay fresh for longer.

They then need to cut the flowers to suit the vase or container they use, as this will help them appropriately distribute water.

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The trimming angle can also help preserve flowers for a little longer.

Each stem will need cutting at a 45-degree angle, allowing it to absorb more water.

People should extract any leaves lurking below the waterline, as these can affect quality.

In the same vein, they should give their chosen vessel a spot clean.

Dirty water and leaves may contain bacteria that could impact plant health.

Vessels will also need their water changed every few days or so to keep it clean.

Another way to keep peony blooms healthy and happy is by carefully considering the environment.

Excessive heat or drafts could damage and dry out the plants, shortening their lifespan.

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